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Kite Update – October 2019

In this issue…

• Dairy, vegans and the environment
• Slowing down milk intakes
• Eat Farm Now
• Snippets
• Dairy update – people management
• Revolution not Evolution Conference
• Beef update

Kite Business Update Labour and Brexit

Brexit will have an impact on EU nationals in the UK dairy industry, with expected changes to immigration and employment law. Currently the UK and EU27 have come forward with proposals only to manage EU labour post Brexit; nothing has been finalised.
What could Brexit mean if you currently employ EU nationals or plan to do so?

On Farm Issues: Inputs

It’s important to assess and plan for the possible effects Brexit will have on farm inputs and supplies. Look at the range of products being used on farm, speak to your suppliers and decide if any action around ordering stocks or making contingency for volatility in prices is necessary.

The Future of the Liquid Milk Processing Sector

Kite Consulting launches new analysis of liquid milk sector
Kite Consulting has today launched “The Future of the Liquid Milk Processing Sector” – a report containing an analysis of the sector that considers the short and long-term challenges it faces and what farmers need to be aware of when planning their long-term future.

Feeding Sustainable Soya Technical Update

The World demand for soya beans is growing every year
because of the increasing human demand for soya oil to meet
population growth (Sustainable Food Trust). Approximately
80% of soya oil is used for human food, and 20% for industry,
pharmaceuticals and biodiesel.

Palm Oil Technical Update

Sustainability is a key concern for everyone working in food
production. Agriculture faces the challenge of increasing food
production to efficiently supply the demands of the growing
population, while reducing resource use and addressing
consumer demands and concerns for the environment.

Kite Update – July 2019

In this issue…

• Feeding using amino and fatty acids
• Environmental legislation
• Kite consultant undertakes Nuffield
• Staying safe on the farm
• Antibiotic Guardian Awards