Chris Flint

Chris began his consultancy career in West Wales before moving to the Midlands. He now works over a wide radius across the country with many different dairy and mixed businesses. Chris' areas of expertise include; business management, business…

Joss Fawcett

Joss is a ruminant nutritionist working across the North of England and SW Scotland. He works predominantly with large scale dairy businesses along with an ever increasing number of robotic herds. Joss likes to focus on all technical areas…

Tim Davies

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Tim has more than 30 years experience as a specialist farm animal nutritionist and works across the Midlands, North of England and Wales as well collaborating on nutrition research in the UK, Europe and the USA. Tim's areas of expertise include…

David Levick

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David began working as a consultant in 1985 and currently works across the UK with some international experience. David's areas of expertise include dairy business strategy, herd management and nutrition consultancy with high performance herds,…

John Allen

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John's areas of expertise include strategic planning, marketing, supply chain management and change management. He works with some of the UK's leading farmers as well as major food and dairy processors and retailers.

Ros Hughes

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Ros specialises in the dairy sector and works across Northern England and Southern Scotland. Ros' expertise includes management consultancy, strategy and business planning, herd management and dairy nutrition. Ros works with a wide range…