Straights Update August 2017

The USDA published a significant Agricultural Statistics (WASDE) report on Thursday, 10th August which has taken the market by surprise...

Straights Update July 2017

There is increasing uncertainty in the market, and concern about hot dry conditions around the globe, particularly the US...

Straights Update April 2017

Protein prices have come down in recent weeks, and they could fall further...

Managing Volatility – October 2016

Managing risk in a volatile dairy market - read the full report HERE

Straights Update September 2016

There are signs now that the market is starting to turn, and rapeseed prices in particular could jump upwards in the next week or two...

In the Clover

Kite Consultant, Paul Macer, takes a look at clover.

After the referendum

The key short term effects for UK dairy farms