Sustainability Statement

At Kite, we are working hard to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. We have produced our Sustainability Statement to outline what we have done and what we will be doing to achieve net zero by 2030. Please see the link below to view. Sustainability…

Sustainability Change at Farm Level – June 2021

There are major challenges ahead for UK agriculture, food processing and retail as the sustainability agenda accelerates.

SECR Report January 2021

Why energy and carbon reporting requirements for large organisations matter to you…

Dairy 3.0 – A new Paradigm for the UK Dairy Industry?

The rise of veganism, climate conscience and wider social changes are impacting the dairy sector. Kite Consulting has published a white paper exploring how the dairy industry must respond to survive.

Kite Business Update Labour and Brexit

Brexit will have an impact on EU nationals in the UK dairy industry, with expected changes to immigration and employment law. Currently the UK and EU27 have come forward with proposals only to manage EU labour post Brexit; nothing has been finalised. What could Brexit mean if you currently employ EU nationals or plan to do so?

On Farm Issues: Inputs

It’s important to assess and plan for the possible effects Brexit will have on farm inputs and supplies. Look at the range of products being used on farm, speak to your suppliers and decide if any action around ordering stocks or making contingency for volatility in prices is necessary.