SECR Report January 2021

Why energy and carbon reporting requirements for large organisations matter to you…

Palm Oil Technical Update

Sustainability is a key concern for everyone working in food production. Agriculture faces the challenge of increasing food production to efficiently supply the demands of the growing population, while reducing resource use and addressing consumer demands and concerns for the environment.

Client Update: 2018 Milk Solids

As more UK dairy processors focus their payment schedules around milk solids rather than volume, is it time to re-think dairy economics beyond pence per litre?

Technical Update: forage supplies

The extremely dry weather means grass has stopped growing and conserved forages are in short supply. This Technical Update gives information on stretching out forage supplies for the dairy herd.

Technical Update: The drought & milk supply

The 2018 drought is turning out to be one of the most serious long-term weather effects for more than 25 years and many are already comparing it with 1976. This Technical Update outlines the possible implications on milk supply.

What will Brexit mean for the UK Dairy Sector

Brexit is the single biggest factor to affect British agriculture for many generations. Its impact on trade relations, the form of future farm support, access to foreign markets and currency will be huge. Kite Consulting has put together this report to outline the possible ramifications of different forms of Brexit on the UK dairy industry, and to draw conclusions on the likelihood of each scenario.

Straights Update August 2017

The USDA published a significant Agricultural Statistics (WASDE) report on Thursday, 10th August which has taken the market by surprise...

Straights Update July 2017

There is increasing uncertainty in the market, and concern about hot dry conditions around the globe, particularly the US...

Straights Update April 2017

Protein prices have come down in recent weeks, and they could fall further...

Managing Volatility – October 2016

Managing risk in a volatile dairy market - read the full report HERE