Privacy Policy

Here at Kite, we take your privacy seriously and it’s extremely important to us that we have your trust to handle your personal data. With this in mind, we’ve written this Policy to explain all you need to know about how we handle your personal data.

If you would like more clarification, please pick up the phone and call us on 01902 851007 or send us an email at

We may need to update our Privacy Policy from time to time, when we do, we’ll let you know. This Privacy Policy is applicable as of May 2018.

Who we are:

Kite Consulting is the trading name of Dairy Consulting Limited; dedicated to providing high quality consultancy to dairy farm businesses across the UK. We also have a sister company called K02 Ltd (which includes Advance Sourcing) that is operated under the same governance. To run our businesses in an efficient manner, we share the same internal business systems and therefore information provided to one arm of our business, will be available to the other in fulfilment of our services to you.

We’re registered in England under registration number: 14475755 and our registered office is Weston Centre, 10 Grosvenor Street, London, United Kingdom, W1K 4QY.

Where we collect personal data:

We obtain personal data from you in a variety of ways, these include:

  • As part of your consultancy contract
  • Through use of our Milk and Health Monitor system
  • By using our website (Cookies)
  • By purchasing items through Advance Sourcing

The information we collect:

The personal information we collect will include your name and address, contact details such as landline, mobile and email address. We may also hold your bank details for direct debit purposes where you have agreed to pay your account by direct debit. If you are a consultancy client, we will also hold data relating to your business such as costings and performance figures. If you use our website, Cookies will store your IP address so that you’re able to access the system quicker on future visits.

How we use your personal data:

We will need to use your personal data in a number of ways, these include:

  • Processing orders
  • In performance of any contracts entered into by you and us
  • Analysing records in production of benchmarking statistics
  • To provide you with updates on topics relevant to the services and contracts being delivered by us for you
  • For navigation and storage of passwords via Cookies on our website

Using your personal data for marketing:

We will send you our Kite Consulting newsletter, which may also contain information about products from Advance Sourcing, under our legitimate interests together. This could also include invites and reminders to events that would provide you with the same information. We will not send you marketing from any other sources without your prior consent.

Third party access:

In certain circumstances, third party processors will need to access your personal data in fulfilment of our contractual obligations. Examples of these situations include:

  • Facilitators that are not employed directly by Kite Consulting
  • Our IT and software providers to set up and maintain IT systems and infrastructure
  • Our suppliers and hauliers

We do not freely disclose any of your personal information to other companies outside of the above situations and use anonymisation codes wherever possible to maintain your privacy. The only exceptions to this are when we’re required to do so by law.

A list of all of our third-party providers can be requested via emailing us at

Storing and keeping your personal data safe:

Wherever practicable, we will store your data for no longer than is necessary. However, there may be certain pieces of personal information that we’ll need to store for longer because of statutory or regulatory reasons.

We maintain a physical server in which your personal data is stored securely and protected by firewall and antivirus software. Our employee computers, laptops, phones and USB sticks are all password protected and/or hardware encrypted.

Our staff and consultants receive data protection training every 12 months and are subject to internal protocols on handling your personal data in a respectable, trustworthy and confidential manner.

Accessing your data:

You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you at any time. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please email us at the address above and we will respond to your request within 48hrs. We also want to make sure that your personal information is accurate and up to date so please ask us to correct or remove information you think is inaccurate.

Changing your mind:

If you no longer want us to hold any of your personal data, you can make a request for this to be deleted by emailing the below address. Please be aware, that this will stop any communications from us to you.

If you have a preference for how you’d like to be contacted by us, you can also let us know your preferences by emailing

More information:

For more detailed information on your rights as a ‘data subject’ under the General Data Protection Regulations, please visit the Information Commissioners Office website at This website is also where you could lodge a complaint if you’re unhappy with how we’ve handled your personal data.