Climate Check & R500 Data Input

Correctly inputting the new Climate Check data and your R500/cost of production figures online might feel like a daunting task but we have a bespoke service to help you complete this process.

What We Offer

  • Pre-visit guidance – you will be sent a clear list of documents and data to prepare so you know exactly what information will be needed at the visit.
  • Farm visit – a data collector will visit your farm during the spring and use the information provided by you to input into Climate Check online. If you have opted for the R500 data input service, in addition to the Climate Check, the data collector will also gather the R500 data and input the information into the online Arla portal.
  • Climate Check submission – Climate Check data will be submitted ahead of the deadline to ensure you are eligible for the bonus.
  • Cost of Production & R500 data submission – your data collector will contact you during the summer to review any relevant changes once your accounts are finalised. They will then submit your data online in preparation for the autumn R500 group meetings.

What Will You Gain?

  • Money – missing the Climate Check deadline means missing the 1 Euro Cent/Kg payment for completion.
  • Time – our dedicated and experienced data collectors are familiar with the input system, so they are able to complete the allocation and inputting quickly, and ahead of the 2nd June 2020 deadline.
  • Confidence – by working with someone familiar with your farm, you can ensure your data will be entered accurately


These are guide prices and may vary if the base data needed has not been fully prepared or in the case of more complex businesses.

We anticipate this service may be over subscribed. Data collectors will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please don’t delay booking your appointment.

  • Climate Check: £400 + VAT
  • Climate Check and R500 data input: £545 + VAT
  • R500 data input: £400 +VAT
  • Upgrade to include R500 data when Climate Check has been purchased only: £150 +VAT
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